Once upon a time, Beydo, the boy, who is a wooden doll, got a gift from Mother Nature. He got the best gift that a wooden doll can get. The gift of life…. When he realized , that he can live, he started a quest. His quest was to give as many as lives he could give during his short life….and there was the point where your story begins....

We are about to create an immersive logic game with a heart-warming story, unique style and with the easiest controls in order to bring this experience for everyone. All you have to do is help Beydo in his adventure. You need to swipe through the levels while solving puzzles and rebuild everything that had been lost. Complete these challenges will be pretty rewarding, and you will be able to see your progress immediately in the main menu. In the levels, you will find a lot of interesting stuffs, such as obstacles (valves, slippery ice, flying blocks etc.). Do not be afraid, because these elements are the keys of the gameplay, with its tricky logic.

We made simple tutorial level(s) where the players can easily learn how to use the game mechanics. What if you get a new element? You get a quick introduction about the object to learn the new concept easily.

He is our little hero. The clumsy wooden boy, who is intended to save his world, wandering through mind-blowing levels crafted by our team for the sake of education and fun.


Art style
We have scooped our inspiration from many different titles including Mekorama, Minecraft and Portal. Our goal was to create a steampunk world with some naturalistic fresh flavor.

Art style 1   Art style 2

Level selector
Whether is strange or not, this is our idea. A cylindrical map of your deeds. Also, there is a growing tree at the top of the cylinder as you move forward, like a progress bar.

Level selector 1